Rotamix Mechanical Hydraulic Mixing Systems

Since 1960 USA based original chopper pump manufacturer Vaughan Co. has been the market leader in manufacturing chopper pumps. All Vaughan’s upgrades and improved spare parts are interchangeable with all pumps ever manufactured by Vaughan Co. The only pump with a non-clog guarantee also benefits downstream components, processes and the environment. While Vaughan’s Rotamix mechanical hydraulic mixing system is the most reliable, effective and cost effective process mixing system for digesters, sludge storage and other high volume applications available on the market today.

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  • Ability to intermittently mix tanks after long periods of storage, offering power savings.
  • Allows intermittent operation of conventional process systems, further reducing energy costs.
  • FOG Systems enhance methane production for cogeneration.
  • Reduced energy alternatives (using variable frequency drives) can provide additional energy savings.
  • Complete system conditions solids for better digestion.
  • Efficient mixing optimizes chemical consumption in sludge dewatering applications.
  • Operates without liquid level dependency.
  • Meets or exceeds high rate digester designs.
  • No scheduled nozzle assembly maintenance required.
  • No rotating equipment within the process.
  • Vaughan Chopper pump with flush-less seal, eliminates costly seal water stations
  • Reduces confined space entry into tanks for maintenance.
  • Ability to mix multiple tanks using only one pump.
  • Ability to fill, mix and transfer using only one pump.
  • No access walkways, platforms or hoists required.
  • Complete installed Rotamix system typically costs less than equipment alone for other types of mixing systems.
  • Potentially reduces aeration requirements.
  • Easily retrofits into existing tanks.
  • Ability to work with flat floor design reduces construction costs.
  • Optional assemblies to control scum and/or foaming.
  • Wastewater: Anaerobic Digesters, Sludge Storage Tanks, Sludge Blend / TWAS Tanks, Bio-Solids Blend Tanks, FOG Reception & Blend Tanks, Acid Phase Digesters, Egg Shaped Digesters, Equalization Basins, Influent Channels, Pump Stations, Skimmings & Wasting Pits, CSO Tunnels, Anoxic Zones, Septage Receiving Tanks & Thermal Hydrolysis Tanks.
  • Water: Alum Sludges, Lime Slurry Storage & Ground Water Storage.
  • Industrial: Anaerobic Digesters, Pulp & Paper Black Liquor, Refinery Waste Containment, API Sludges, Textile Waste, Mining Fine Solids Suspension & Biowaste / Renewable Energy.