Azure-S is a Sintered Alumina (aluminium oxide) abrasive, manufactured in Ernakulam, India by Carborundum Universal Ltd (CUMI), a part of Murugappa Group. Azure-S grinding wheels are said to perform better in high pressure grinding application and also withstand other severe application conditions.

Using state-of-the-art sol-gel technology, alumina grains are formed in an acidic, gel-like matrix. To separate these particles from the liquid phase, a controlled spray drying operation is undertaken. Hot acidic, alumina loaded gel is pumped through a nozzle into a hot air stream which evaporated the liquid component, leaving the powder to fall to the base of the spray drying unit.

Pumping hot, viscous, non-lubricating liquids, containing abrasive particles, is an ideal application for Hydra-Cell seal-less pump technology. A Hydra-Cell G25 pump has proven the point, having given outstanding, dependable service since its installation in 2014, with virtually no maintenance. The pump’s small size and footprint made it easy to handle and incorporate in the spray drying system.