Oil and gas fields also produce water, and there is an especially high content of water in gas extraction. The water can cause corrosion in the pipes and tanks where the fluid is moving. A drop in the temperature can freeze the pipes.

Monoetilenglycol is a specialty chemical injected into a process system to prevent the freezing of fluids and to help reduce the possibility of corrosion. It requires low-flow delivery at high pressure.

An energy company in South America selected two Hydra-Cell D10/G10 pump models with explosion-proof motors to inject the Monoetilenglycol into the gas fluid. Hydra-Cell meets the low flow/high-pressure requirement, and with its seal-less design, has operated with minimal maintenance. Another benefit is that the multiple-diaphragm design delivers virtually pulse-free flow. Hydra-Cell® Provides Low-flow Chemical Injection at High Pressure.

InfoBITS February 2019_Specialty Chemical