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Lackeby Classifiers

Lackeby Grit classifier is designed to separate sand or other types of sedimentary particles. The robust design underpins high reliability and a long technical service life, while maintenance requirements are minimal.


Läckeby Decanters

The decanter Läckeby Products developed specifically for SBR plants combines a reliable solution with a number of process-related benefits. This decanter fulfils the requirements for maintenance-free decanting set by today’s SBR plants.


Läckeby Drum Screens

Läckeby Products manufactures, markets and sells Roto-Sieve drum screens, which separate solid particles and fibres from liquids by screening.

The drum screens are based on proven technology with a self-cleaning function that delivers very good results and minimizes maintenance.


Läckeby Sludge/Water Heat Exchangers

Heat exchanger sludge/water from Läckeby Products combine innovative thinking and 40 years’ experience in this sector. This unit has been developed to meet special requirements for the heating or cooling of sludge. The unique patented design provides a compact heat exchanger with minimal maintenance needs.