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Chopper Pumps

Design Advantages:

• Available in several configurations and sizes.
• Adaptable to suit most needs for agricultural, municipal and industrial processing applications.
• Vaughan flow rates range from 12m³/h to 2 725m³/h
• Only the toughest materials are used for construction: ductile iron, hardened steel, high chrome iron, 316 stainless steel and CD4MCu hardened stainless steel to keep the system running right.
• All Vaughan chopper pumps include a written Performance Guarantee – your assurance of clog-free operation.

Common Applications:

• Clarifier Scum
• Digester Scum Blanket
• Digester Mixing
• Digester Recirculation
• Sewage / Wastewater lift Stations
• Sludge Transfer
• Metal shavings, glass and plastic
• Iron ore pellets
• Mill scale
• Detergent cakes
• Latex skins
• Lead oxide slurries
• Paint sludges and slurries
• API separators
• Oil waste
• Refinery mud
• Hazardous waste clean-up
• Recycled solvents
• Sludge dewatering
• Blood and bones
• Vegetables such as carrots, maize cobs, potatoes and tomatoes
• Poultry feathers and whole chickens
• Seafood Processing waste
• Fleshings and pieces of hide
• Horns, Hooves, ears, fat and hair.
• Acid mine water
• Coal and sand washing
• Concrete batch plant sumps
• Coal Pile Runoff
• Fly Ash

  • The Vaughan Chopper Pump is a centrifugal pump with the unique ability of chopping all incoming solids prior to pumping. This not only protects the pump from clogging, but also provides added benefit to downstream components, processes, and the environment.

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  • Vaughan’s Rotamix® system is the most cost effective and lowest Life Cycle Cost process mixing system available for digesters, sludge storage and other high-volume applications. Combining both principles of uniform and vortical rotation, the Rotamix system optimizes solids contact with its unique “dual rotational zone” mixing pattern, plus:

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  • Versatile, Efficient, Reliable

    Vaughan Company, with over 50 years of solids handling experience, introduces the Triton® screw centrifugal pumps, combining the benefits of Vaughan’s superior pump designs with the advantages of high efficient, non-clogging performance. The Triton screw centrifugal pump’s open channel impeller is ideal for handling thick sludge, large or stringy solids, shear sensitive fluids and delicate or highly abrasive materials.

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