Compact Unit


Compact Unit

For a number of years, Conpura has been the pioneers in the field of compact systems for pre-treatment of water containing screenings and grit. This fact has now resulted in the ConPact unit being one of Conpura’s most popular products in the portfolio.

Product Description

ConPact is a completely sealed plug-and-play compact unit, available in two types, A and B, with capacities ranging from 10 l/s to 200 l/s. The design of the units is customized. The Compact unit is munufactured in stainless steel and contains removal, washing, dewatering of screenings and grit. Furthermore, ConPact B contains a grease removal.
The ConPact unit can also be equipped with a sand washer to be installed on the top of the unit.


Handling and separation of screening

The raw water enters the tank at the inlet where a conveyor sieve, ConSieve, is mounted for the separation of the screening. ConSieve is designed with a perforated sieve plate with 3-5 mm holes separating the screening from the waste water. The plate is rinsed by brushes attached to the rotating screw. The screw trough can be provided with a flushing system to remove fecal matters and a compacting unit may be installed in front of the discharge in order to reduce the volume of the screening.

Grit and grease removal

The filtered waste water are entered into the sand trap and the construction of the sieve gives a good distribution of the flow.

ConPact A is designed to reduce 85% of the grit larger than 0.15 mm in diameter at the dimensional flow or 0.2 mm in diameter at maximum flow. Sediment grit is transported via a horisontal screw conveyor in the bottomo of the tank to an inclined screw conveyor which dewaters and transports the from ConPact.

ConPact B is like ConPact A except for the fact that an aeration system is installed in the grit trap. The air is delivered by a blower which is installed on the ConPact unit’s framework. The airflow is controlled by a flow meter mounted on the tank.

Grease removal is made by means of a chain driven surface scraper which collects grease in pump sump from where the grease is pumped with a pump which is installed on the ConPact unit’s framework. The collected grease is pumped to the conveyor of the ConSieve.

The aerated grit trap is made of SS316 in order to eliminate any risk of corrosion.

If desired the ConPact B model can be equipped with a Sand washer which is installed on the top of the ConPact unit. It washes the sand down to a maximum of 3% organic content in the sand.

Control cabinet

Electrical cabinet is included if desired and it includes all necessary components for an automatic operation of the Compact unit, such as:

  • Level Control of ConSieve, sieve
  • Timer Control of sand and screening conveyors
  • Timer Control of grease scraper
  • Level Control of grease pump

The control panel is delivered in stainless steel and all wiring is completed at the factory.

All drive units are tested before delivery, which guarantees a smooth start of the ConPact unit.