Overhead Filter Press

overhead filter press

Overhead Filter Press

Design Advantages:

Overhead filter presses present a triangle shaped force distribution instead of the conventional linear distribution. This design provides stronger and safer frame constructions capable of holding up to 175 plates of 2000 mm x 2000 mm.

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Product Description

Common Applications:

Anywhere, where solid liquid separation is required.

Available plate sizes:

Automatic Plate Transport: 630mm x 630mm up to 2500mm x 2500mm for units equipped with Electrohydraulic pack.

Mechanisms Simplification: Less Maintenance

The overhead filter press has a more simple plate transport mechanism. It is housed between the overhead I-shaped beams. This characteristic has the following advantages:

  • Longer life of the transport mechanism with less maintenance.
  • Installation of one sole transport mechanisms which avoids synchronization problems.
  • Placement of all transport mechanisms in the cleanest area of the filter press, avoiding contamination and interferance with the product.

Inspection Facility and Discharge Improvements

The overhead filter press allows the followng improvements:

  • Easier inspection, better cake discharge and easier overall maintenance.
  • Reduction of cake residue on the frames of the plate leading eliminating leakage.
The PEH automatic plate transport system is based on a double chain system with transport hooks that slide over the plate transport carriages. Each transport hook engages a plate during the continuous movement of the system, achieving a complete plate pack discharge in a very short period of time.

Continuous plate transport system.

  • Extremely fast discharge due to the high speed of the system which can be regulated by the frequency variator.
  • Ideal for installations with short filtration cycles and with large solids production.
  • Plate-to-Plate transport guarantee on the complete plate pack by means of the interlocking system.