Screening Press


Screening Press

In the segment for handling the screening, sand and sludge, Conpura also provides equipment for dewatering.

Product Description

Benefits ConDrain

  • Effective dewatering
  • Good references and operational experience
  • Low handling costs
  • Low investment cost


ConDrain is an excellent complement to the screw conveyor ConVey. It dewaters and compresses the screening effectively. Depending on the material, volume can be reduced up to 75%.

Many installations at municipal water and wastewater treatment plants and industry which are in operation confirm its reliability.

A screw conveyor with a dewatering unit in combination with Conpura’s different types of screens gives optimal handling of the screening.

Standard Version

ConDrain has a dewatering part with a flushing system which fits most of Conpura’s conveyors. For greater axial strength and higher capacity, the conveyor is provided with a double spiral. The outlet hatch is loaded with a counterweight and thereby the screening gets further dewatering.


ConDrain can be provided with isolation on the dewatering part and a plastic hose for hygienic handling of the screening.


ConDrain does not affect the capacity when it is combined with the screw conveyor Convey.