Sidebar Filter Press

sidebar filter

Sidebar Filter Press

The TEFSA sidebar filter presses have been specially designed and developed to attend a smaller and medium cake production requirements, a sidebar construction that might be prefered by specific applications and customers, and in the possibility of operate the units in manual execution (HPL-SL and HPL models), in semi-automatic operation (HPLE model) and in full automatic operation (EHC, EHR and EHPT models).


Product Description

Design Advantages:

  • Highest possible dryness rate.
  • Low polymer (and other reactives) conssumption.
  • Low power conssumption.
  • Extreme long life time of the equipment.
  • Low manteinance work and costs.

Common Applications:

Anywhere, where solid liquid separation is required.

Available plate sizes:

  • Manual Plate Transport: 250mm x 250mm up to 1200mm x 1200mm for units equipped with manual hydraulic pack.
  • Manual Plate Transport: 250mm x 250mm up to 1300mm x 1300mm for units equipped with Electrohydraulic pack.
  • Automatic Plate Transport: 470mm x 470mm up to 2000mm x 2000mm for units equipped with Electrohydraulic pack.


Hydraulic Power Pack. Engineered by TEFSA with the latest technology and modern security devices so that the piston operation can reach the correct closing pressure during the complete filtration cycle time. The unit is connected to all the elements and accessories of the installation in order to improve personnel and plant safety.

Drip Trays. Optional equipment available in manual and automatic operation for drip collection and any leaks produced during filtration and plate decompression processes.