Tilting Outlet Weir


Tilting Outlet Weir

ConFlap is a tilting outlet weir for regulation of the water level alternative water shut-off of flow which is designed to be mounted in tanks.

ConFlap is installed with advantage along with ConAer Brush Aerators to regulate the water level and thus oxygenation in the aeration basin.

Product Description

Benefits ConFlap

  • High reliability
  • Low maintenance with few wear parts
  • Weir frame in stainless steel


ConFlap consists of a weir plate of in stainless steel which is regulated by a knob for manual control, alternatively, a control device is provided with a rising thread.

In order to get the indication of the position of the weir the instrument can be provided with inductive limit switches to indicate open / closed and for obtaining a proportional output signal.

The weir is designed to be fitted with stainless bolts and plastic plugs and the fastening profile of the door frame can be sealed with sealant.

The weir has seals along the bottom and sides where the bottom sealing also serves as hinge of the weir.