Traveling Suction Sludge Scraper For Sedimentation


Traveling Suction Sludge Scraper For Sedimentation

ConClar 447 is a travelling suction sludge scraper which collects the sludge from the bottom of the basin via a siphon. ConClar 447 is designed for rectangular sedimentation tanks and delivered as described below.

Product Description

Benefits ConClar 447

  • Reliable design
  • No electrical equipment is required on the traveling suction scraper
  • Flexible solution
  • Submerged parts are delivered in stainless steel


The sludge collector includes a siphon system which function is to transfer sediment from the bottom of the tank to the sludge flume on the side.

The travelling bridge is designed to run back and forth along the tank from the inlet to the outlet with a speed of 1-2 meter per minute.


The Travelling Suction Bridge is powered by our standard wire unit. The drive unit is located on the concrete wall. It is equipped with an overload protection that cuts off the power at overload.

The sludge collector has a suction nozzle to get the sludge up from the bottom of the tank. The nozzle is made of stainless steel. The size and number of nozzles and distance from the inlet opening is designed to effectively and uniformly remove sludge from the bottom of the tank and prevent clogging. The nozzle is attached to the tension rods anchored in the bridge. All pipes, flanges and fittings are of stainless steel. Neoprene strips for setting the nozzle in relation to the bottom of the tank are included.

Siphon start-up is performed with a portable motor-driven vacuum pump or a hand-operated pump which is installed on the sludge pipe.


The complete unit consists of a travelling bridge with associated drive mechanism, sludge scraper equipment and automatic cabinet in order to obtain satisfactory operation in a rectangular basin. The bridge acts as a service platform for the scraping equipment. It is designed for a load of 250 kg / m and a deflection of 1 / 400 part of the total length. The bridge is covered with galvanized grating and has hand rails. The bridge is equipped with support wheels at both ends.


Electrical panel may be included in the delivery if the customer so desires. The electrical panel is automatic with all the necessary components for controlling the travelling bridge. No electrical equipment on the bridge is required. The cabinet includes relays, time delay, push buttons, indicator lights and switches to be able to control the travelling bridge automatically and manually.

Floating Sludge Removal

The bridge can be equipped with a surface sludge scraper. It is required that the floating sludge outlet flume is installed across the tank at the inlet or outlet. Raising and lowering of the scraper is made mechanically.