Wash Press

wash press

Wash Press

In the segment for handling of screenings, sand and sludge, Conpura also manufactures equipment for combined washing and pressing of screenings.

Product Description

Benefits ConWashpress

  • Simple and efficient design with low investment costs
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Few moving parts
  • Few wear parts
  • Easy maintenance with removable press zone for cleaning
  • Effective drainage with TS levels up to 45%
  • High volume reduction of dewatered screening, about 2-4 times
  • Carbon-rich reject water is returned to the cleaning process


ConWashpress is a combined washing and pressure washer and presses for example screenings from a fine screen or a sieve. ConWashPress is manufactured in three standard sizes for different capacity needs.

Screening from a fine screen or a sieve, is fed into the unit with a conveyor or directly from the screen. The faeces are decomposed by jets of liquid and returned back to the system through a perforated metal which is automatically rinsed. The material remains washed further with water and compressed in a press zone before being discharged through at the end of the trough.

Standard Version

ConWashPress is delivered with a spiral which is specially designed of steel and reinforced at the end of the spiral which secures a long lifetime. Cutting and washing of the screening takes place in a specially designed washing zone. The design of the washing zone combined with the screw’s rotation gives a good washing and separation of faeces from the remaining, more resistant, screening.

The sieve plate in which the faeces are removed is a perforated plate and has a large opening in relation to its surface. The openings in the perforated sieve plate are typically 5 mm in diameter. Rinsing of the holes is made by the brush fixed on the rotating shaftless screw.

The outlet is provided with a press which gives a very good reduction of volume and water content in the screening. The press’s reject outlet is linked to the faeces outlet.
The driving system is designed for 24 hour operation per day and the axle bushing is provided with an effective seal against the trough.

ConWashpress is installed slightly inclined and an extending of the screening discharge gives more height if needed.


ConWashpress can be provided with a control system for increased efficiency of the washing and dewatering. The system reduces water consumption and hours of operation and thereby the life time is increased.

Models and capacities

ConWashpress is available in three sizes and comes with the screening capacity of 0.3 to 2.0 m3 / h with a TS content of 5-10%. Since the screening composition varies, it is expected that the outgoing TS content is in range 25-45%.

ConWashpress 1812      0,3-0,5 m3/h
ConWashpress 1822      0,6 – 1 m3/h
ConWashpress 1832      1 – 2 m3/h