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Chopper Pumps

Design Advantages:

• Available in several configurations and sizes.
• Adaptable to suit most needs for agricultural, municipal and industrial processing applications.
• Vaughan flow rates range from 12m³/h to 2 725m³/h
• Only the toughest materials are used for construction: ductile iron, hardened steel, high chrome iron, 316 stainless steel and CD4MCu hardened stainless steel to keep the system running right.
• All Vaughan chopper pumps include a written Performance Guarantee – your assurance of clog-free operation.

Common Applications:

• Clarifier Scum
• Digester Scum Blanket
• Digester Mixing
• Digester Recirculation
• Sewage / Wastewater lift Stations
• Sludge Transfer
• Metal shavings, glass and plastic
• Iron ore pellets
• Mill scale
• Detergent cakes
• Latex skins
• Lead oxide slurries
• Paint sludges and slurries
• API separators
• Oil waste
• Refinery mud
• Hazardous waste clean-up
• Recycled solvents
• Sludge dewatering
• Blood and bones
• Vegetables such as carrots, maize cobs, potatoes and tomatoes
• Poultry feathers and whole chickens
• Seafood Processing waste
• Fleshings and pieces of hide
• Horns, Hooves, ears, fat and hair.
• Acid mine water
• Coal and sand washing
• Concrete batch plant sumps
• Coal Pile Runoff
• Fly Ash