Lonn Water Savers

Monitor Pumps & Systems has been a proud partner with Lonn’s Water Savers for years, and provides you with professional advice and expert solutions for all your pump and system needs. Lonn’s Water Savers offer a wide range of water saving devices that offer immediate opening and closing of water hoses in the factory and other settings. USA Manufactured Lonn’s Water Savers are historically known for their durability and efficiency. With its unique flexible rubber and machined solid brass nozzle, Lonn’s savers are the best in the business.

The latest in nozzle technology – simple yet hardy and robust design ensures the successful initialisation, with minimal damage or disintegration over time. These Lonn devices fit standard garden hose fittings, and are also used for general wash down in food and beverage, and mining industries. With only one internal moving part, Lonn’s water savers offer long-lasting, durable devices that have no vulnerable levers or triggers. Lonn’s Water Savers provide full flow control from 100% closed to drizzle to full flow by a simple flex of the rubber hose extension.

  • No lever, no twist, no handle, no waste
  • Protects hose end from damage
  • Will not leak
  • Drive on it
  • Step on it
  • Leave it outside
  • Works first time, every time
  • Fit standard garden hose fittings
  • Instant flow control
  • Hot or cold water lines that need never be shut off.
  • Industrial plant rinse / wash water hoses.
  • Agricultural and domestic general use hose-end nozzles.
  • Manual car washes.