Vaughan Self Primer Chopper Pumps

Vaughan Chopper Pumps

Since 1960 USA based original chopper pump manufacturer Vaughan Co. has been the market leader in manufacturing chopper pumps. All Vaughan’s upgrades and improved spare parts are interchangeable with all pumps ever manufactured by Vaughan Co. The only pump with a non-clog guarantee also benefits downstream components, processes and the environment. While Vaughan’s Rotamix mechanical hydraulic mixing system is the most reliable, effective and cost effective process mixing system for digesters, sludge storage and other high volume applications available on the market today.

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  • The original Chopper Pump.
  • Non-clogging guaranteed.
  • Hydraulic efficiencies OVER 70%.
  • Reliable mechanical seal/oil bath design has been designed to reduce problems associated with wrapping and abrasion.
  • All solids entering the pump are effectively chopped by the cupped and sharpened impeller blades turning across a stationary Cutter Bar.
  • RAW SEWAGE – Used in Lift stations, CSO facilities, headworks, prisons, hospitals, restaurants
  • SCREENINGS / SEPTAGE – Easily chops raw concentrated solids including rags, plastics and hair
  • CLARIFIER SCUM PITS – Transfers or conditions Primary & Secondary scum without plugging or air binding
  • SLUDGE TRANSFER – Eliminates “roping” and clogging in clarifier underflow to thickeners
  • RAS / WAS – Continuously conditions Return and Waste Activated Sludge
  • THICKENED SLUDGE / DIGESTED SLUDGE TRANSFER – Handles high sludge consistencies
  • TANK MIXING – System conditions and mixes in a dual-zone rotational flow pattern
  • DIGESTER RECIRCULATION – Eliminates heat exchanger clogging while conditioning sludge
  • F.O.G – (Fats, Oils, and Grease) – Uses organic waste to enhance methane production